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Magsafe Wireless for cars

Magsafe Wireless for cars

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Magsafe Wireless for cars

    • High power 15w magnetic wireless charging , upgrade the new charging experience, experience fast charging, stable protection of mobile phone with fixed frequency magnets, strong absorption stability of the strong multi-pole magnetic device, more embedded rare earth magnets, which can be used for positioning and absorption.

    • Placed with one hand, it will automatically charge when sucking, automatically placed in the middle position, inductive charging for 1 second , driving safer, strong magnetic field, can be used as a mobile phone holder, supports fixing the mobile phone on it it, it will not fall, reload and navigation. No delays.

    • The charging and navigation function with stable signal can be used stably. The magnetic poles are NOT assembled and arranged at a certain interval to form a closed magnetic field which will not interfere with wireless navigation / mobile signal signals. Thermal sensor with foreign body induction technology.

    • FOD, safe refill, saturation, there are many colors for you to choose, many colors you like.
      360 degree rotation, you can adjust the viewing angle arbitrarily, multi-angle smooth rotation without jamming, easy and free.

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