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USB-C to USB-3.0 / USB-2.0 adapter (2 pieces)

USB-C to USB-3.0 / USB-2.0 adapter (2 pieces)

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This USB-C to USB-3 / USB-2.0 adapter can connect any cable / device equipped with a USB-2.0 or USB-3.0 socket.

It solves the problem you have with new Macs / PCs that no longer have USB-3.0 sockets! At home we have many cables with USB-2.0 or 3.0 and we can no longer use them!


- With the new chargers that have USB-C and your old cable with USB-2.0

- With new Macs or PCs

- With laptops

- Direct use also in smartphones with USB-C socket

in a nutshell in any device with USB-C input!

Plug and play, no Driver required! Simple structure, light weight and portability.

This USB 3.0 / 2.0. The adapter offers double-sided data transfer rates of up to 5Gbps / 480Mbps between connected devices and also supports up to 2.4 amps of power output for charging your devices

Inside the package there will be two components.

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