STOP!!! Thats enough!

We can finally block promotional calls ... 📵📵📵

Now I'll explain how ..

I am sure that you too have received promotional calls at least once in your life (or at least once a day as in my case) ...

Calls originating from pseudonormal cell numbers, numbers that when you go to answer with a nice "READY" silence is unlocked and a sort of answering machine starts ... (PS: if you don't speak the call drops 🤣)

YES! Because there aren't even the operators talking anymore but there are BOTs (robotic secretaries: D) who answer and make you fall the p_ _ _ and down the stairs !!!
"Amazon offers you ... BLA BLA BLA .." and at that point you close !!!

Now you can stop this with the arrival of the OPPOSITION LOG!

What is the register of oppositions?

is a public service that offers users the possibility to oppose the receipt of telephone calls and paper correspondence for commercial purposes.

I hope this article will serve you, as the article on how to install the Green Pass on the iPhone that you can find in our Blog section has served!

Let's get back to us .. this function should be activated shortly .. now I'll explain how!

For years now, anyone of us continues to receive unwanted telemarketing calls, it is unsolicited advertising and often violates privacy regulations.

This public register of oppositions is nothing new .. but since 27 July 2022 it has been active on Smartphones (we will see how successful it is!).

Registration is completely FREE! And there are 4 ways to do it!

    1. Compilation of the form through the official website:
    2. Sending the form by email to the address:
    3. Call the toll - free number 800.265.265
    4. Finally, for the less experienced, sending the good and old registered letter to this address - Rome Nomentano Office - P.O. Box 7211 - 00162 Rome - or, alternatively, the fax to the following number 06.54224822.

The form is the same for all modes and requires the insertion of the number that you want to exclude from telemarketing.

It will probably take 15 days from the request to activate the block. In theory, companies are obliged not to make calls to those who do not want to.

Unfortunately, foreign call centers cannot be blocked! 🤬


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