SEPOLTA VIVA dal marito, si salva grazie all'Apple Watch!!

BURIED ALIVE by her husband, she is saved thanks to the Apple Watch !!

A 42-year-old girl was buried alive by her husband, luckily she had an Apple Watch on her wrist!

USA, Washington , a woman was beaten, stabbed and then buried alive by her husband. She saved herself by managing to call the police with her Apple Watch!

The husband attacked his wife, stabbing her, then tied her with duct tape and went out, at that moment the woman was able to call for help who, finding the repeater, managed to go to her house, but the husband did. she had already buried in a nearby forest. Fortunately the police were able to find and rescue her. But how did the girl do it?

How can an Apple Watch save a life?

Why can an Apple Watch save a life?

These are some of the questions we ask ourselves when we read this kind of articles ... now I'll explain how!

Apple Watches from Model 1 onwards have "vital" functions that can, indeed, have saved the lives of many people!

Yes, because they have functions such as notifications of low or irregular high heart rate. In short, if your heart rate stays above or below a set threshold, the Apple Watch can send you a notification .

For Irregular Heartbeat Apple Watch occasionally checks your heart rate for an irregular rhythm that could indicate atrial fibrillation. Find out how to enable irregular rhythm notifications .

Even the latest Apple Watch models have an integrated electrocardiogram !!!


With the ECG app on Apple Watch Series 4 and later models * , patients who have symptoms such as an irregular or rapid heartbeat, or who are notified for the irregular rhythm, can take an EKG and record their symptoms.

This data can enable doctors to make more informed and timely decisions about further investigations and treatments thanks to an integrated electrical heart sensor.

But let's get back to us, besides all these great functions there is one that seems obvious but it is not at all and in this case it has saved a woman from a tragic end! How is this SOS call made?

By holding down the Apple Watch button located under the wheel.

This in turn immediately calls the local emergency services and shares the location with them.

After the call, the Apple Watch sends an emergency message to all your emergency contacts (find out here how to enter emergency contacts) indicating your current position, unless you cancel everything from the Apple Watch.

With this simple but effective gesture the woman managed to save herself!

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