Novità Apple 2021 ! DELUSIONE! Niente MacBook Pro!!! WWDC21

Apple news 2021! DISAPPOINTMENT! No MacBook Pro !!! WWDC21

Apple news 2021! DISAPPOINTMENT! No MacBook Pro !!! WWDC21, not only iOS, but also watchOS, macOS and iPadOS!

The presentation opens with Tim Cook performing in front of an audience of Memoji ! In the absence of the public, Apple remedies with this fun gimmick and presents the Apple 2021 news.

Like every WWDC, this one was also dedicated to developers , we talked "only" about software and zero hardware, as many expected .. we thought about MacBook Pro 2021 and instead we were all blown away!


We come from a period in which communication applications such as Teams, Zoom, Skype etc .. we have exploited a lot and even Apple wants to have its say with the evolution of FaceTime.

Spatial audio for FaceTime, new layout and cancellation of the ambient audio .. there will no longer be disturbances from external agents, blurring and links to videocall .. therefore possibility to be part of the "FaceTime group" also on other browsers !! BEAUTIFUL NEW!

facetime wwdc21 <br>


There will be the ability to share video and audio with other devices and people. Watch a video together (synchronized) and chat at the same time. You share the screen, a movie, music at the same time! Great moment of sharing , nice come on!

share play wwdc21


It is the evolved DO NOT DISTURB , you can create scenarios, then decide which notifications to " see " or not. Together we introduce the summary of notifications and that will help the user to manage them better, this summary will adapt to what you will use the most, so it will show you first what you use the most. It tunes in with all our devices!

focus notification summary wwdc21


With the Apple 2021 news there is also the new text functionality available on all new software. Take a photo or take one and he gives you the possibility to take the text of a photo , select it and copy it wherever you want. There will also be in Italian and you can search for example the restaurant that is in the photo on spotlight ! WOW! |

text wwdc21


The novelties of the wallet are really interesting, as well as credit cards, house, car, hotel keys and badges will also be integrated! Even the driving license in the USA !! We look forward to it ..

wallet wwdc21


In many cities there will be an evolution with artificial intelligence of the new maps. In the presentation he shows us a truly beautiful interactivity, unfortunately I think that in Italy it is really difficult to have road signs that are always updated and efficient.

maps maps wwdc2021


Small features here too, find the AirPods as does my iPhone, they will use the same technology as the AirTags . Then the focus on the conversation is very important, also useful for elderly people and announcement of notifications .


Two substantial novelties! Integrated widgets and TRUE multitasking ! 2 Apps can be used at the same time! Really! Finally widgets also on iPad!


With the sensors of our Apple products, such as iPhone or Apple Watch, with the new Health system it is possible to monitor the walk, the length of the stride and even the balance of the walk! This is very useful to understand if you are walking in a bad way and maybe you face physical ailments such as back, knees and more. Everything can be shared in the family, so you can understand if perhaps an elderly person needs help .


Possibility to create watch faces for us! quickly and easily, also using our photos. If you want to install Watch Faces like Rolex , Louis Vuitton , Hermes , Supreme , Casio etc. follow this link .


Finally with the news Home also arrives Home Pod in Italy !!! So language and the possibility of integrating siri into many third-party devide!


SOUNDS COOL! You can AirPlay to the Mac, so you can use a Mac as a screen. Ability to use the trackpad and keyboard of the Mac even on an iPad at the same time, as if it were a secondary screen, all with AirPlay without connecting cables or anything else! Up to 3 devices! COOL !

The beta is already downloadable for all devices, Apple proves again to be the number 1 in the ecosystem!

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