Come installare il Green Pass sul wallet dell'iPhone

How to install the Green Pass on the iPhone wallet

I'll explain how to install the Green Pass on the iPhone wallet!

It is very simple and fast ..

  1. First of all download the Green Pass, just the QR CODE is enough!

2. From your iPhone click this link:

A page like this will open:

3. Arrived on this page, there are two solutions. I advise you and I prefer to let you follow the simpler and faster one. Then select Launch Camera

4. At this point, scan the QR CODE of YOUR Green Pass, and the QR CODE FOUND CODE must appear automatically.

5. Scroll down and select the color, the color is the element that distinguishes your Green Pass within the WALLET. It is only a distinctive element, the color has no value!

Then select the color (I chose green!), Accept the policies and click ADD TO WALLET

6. At this point the game is done! You will find a screen like this, just click on ADD

7. Now you just need to DOUBLE CLICK to use the Wallet to see it. Or enter the App Wallet

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