Come utilizzare le facce da cartoni nelle Storie Instagram!

How to use cartoon faces in Instagram Stories!

Hello lads!!!

Diego is speaking to you .. today I want to explain how to use cartoon faces in Instagram Stories !!!

Unfortunately to use this filter you have to go through the Snapchat application! Application that inspired Instagram to create the Stories.




  • Enter the Snapchat App
  • Once you enter the App next to the button you use to shoot or record (the white circle) there are the filters, in my case on the right there is immediately this filter called Cartoon 3D Style , in case you don't find it search in the search at the top left: Cartoon 3D Style


  • Take a photo or record a video, the filter will show you the "change" right away!


  • Once you have recorded the video or after taking a photo, save it on your smartphone. Then click on the SAVE button at the bottom left.

STEP 5 :

  • There is also a second function that you can take advantage of this is its use from an already existing photo!

  • Before shooting, click on the yellow ROLLER button, it will give you the possibility to choose a photo of yourself from your photo gallery.


  • Once you have saved the video or photo in your camera roll, go to Instagram and upload it as normal. And that's it!

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