Come installare il quadrante Rolex su Apple Watch..E non solo!!!

How to install the Rolex dial on Apple Watch ... and more !!!

Do you want to install the Rolex dial on Apple Watch? Read the whole article that will explain it to you in a very simple way.

You who are reading ... "listen to me" well ... I make the Apple Watch a luxury watch ... and style !!! With the Watch Face I show you how to install the rolex dial .. and not only !!!

If you've made it this far you will know that Apple doesn't give you the ability to create watch faces to your liking, you can only use their standard faces available on your Apple Watch!

What you don't know, however, is that there is a way to get around it ... there is a special App that allows you to create the dial as you like!

Install custom faces on Apple Watch

Step 1 : Install Clockology

  • Go to the App Store and download CLOCKOLOGY
  • Open the CLOCKOLOGY app

  • Go to safari and download the extension. Link:
  • Once installed, the extension will appear like this in the Clockology App (the one circled in red)

  • Verify that the App is also downloaded on Apple Watch

  • Next go to the Apple Watch App on your iPhone
  • Click on general
  • Activate Display
  • Activate for 70 seconds
  • After an hour

Step 2: Download the faces for your Apple Watch

  • Now I will attach you some links where you can download some of the watch faces that I have shown you.


? BLUE 1:

? RED:


? BLUE2:

The Milanese mesh strap you see above in the photo can be found in our store at this link:



DIAL Hermès



Gold Milanese mesh Apple Watch band: h ttps: //

Step 3: Clock synchronization

  • Once you have downloaded the watch faces from the links , we go to the Clockology App, where we find them in "recent".
  • Keep the dial you want to use pressed and from the options menu that opens, click CLOCK SYNCHRONIZATION
  • Then on SYNC
  • When syncing, keep your Apple Watch's Clockology App open as well.

  • Once you have completed the synchronizations to see your watch face you will have to go to the Clockology App of your Apple Watch
  • With a simple slide to the right or left you will find all those that you have installed and synchronized.

Now .... HAVE FUN !!!! Hope you enjoyed the article!


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Quanto costa istallare un quadrante Rolex?

Rolando Roncaglia

Ciao Kevin, sul nostro Instagram abbiamo pubblicato un video che abbiamo registrato settimana scorsa proprio sull’App Clocklogy e il suo utilizzo. Prova a controllare se i passaggi sono stati fatti tutti. Ciao ciao e se ha bisogno ci scriva pure. Diego


Non sincronizza il quadrante con l’orologio. Come posso fare?


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